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New Expressive Possibilities
The Quicksilver 606 is a replacement CPU for the TR-606 drum machine. New features such as individual instrument accent, 32 step patterns and realtime recording combine with the classic analog synthesis to breath new creative life into your productions.
Built for live performance
MUTE and ROLL mode provides a single interface to perform and tweak patterns in realtime. Programming and performance can all be done without ever stopping the sequencer.
Ultimate Control
MIDI input and output allow the 606 to be programmed from a DAW or external MIDI controller.
“MIDI Control mode” allows the 606 to be controlled from any device that can send MIDI note messages. The sequencer can send and receive MIDI notes and MIDI clock. This allows the 606 to act as an awesome sequencer for other machines.
Modern Connectivity
The Quicksilver 606 comes with USB built in. USB MIDI can be used with USB host devices, and the operating system is easily upgradable directly over USB.
Because all data is stored into internal EEPROM, batteries are no longer required to maintain memory. All internal memory can also be dumped using MIDI sysex messages for sharing or backup.

To see all of the things Quicksilver 606 CPU has to offer, please check out the User Guide in our Support Section.