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The sequencer is friendly now
The Quicksilver 303 is a replacement CPU for the TB-303 Bass Synthesizer. With a completely rewritten operating system, all of the creative obstacles to programming amazing sequences have been removed. The experience still remains uniquely “303”.
It isn't just a MIDI retrofit
The Quicksilver 303 CPU can be used with or without MIDI. So, you can still benefit from the new features of the CPU without drilling any holes in your TB-303!
Of course, there are also great new MIDI capabilities. MIDI control over filter cutoff, “MIDI Control mode” which allows the 303 to be “remotely controlled” from any device that can send MIDI note messages. The sequencer can send and receive MIDI notes and MIDI clock and you can also record incoming MIDI to patterns in realtime.
Built for live performance
All functions of the Quicksilver 303 are available while the sequencer is running, this includes programming patterns, changing modes and new live performance functions like “ALL ACCENT” “CHOP” and “BUMP”.
Entering new patterns is now interactive, with the capability to hear changes as the pattern plays, and the ability to move forwards and backwards to edit specific notes.
Flexible Framework
The Quicksilver 303 is equipped with USB connectivity for OS upgrades and USB MIDI. Allowing the Quicksilver 303 to be directly connected to a USB host!
Because all data is stored into internal EEPROM, batteries are no longer required to maintain memory. All internal memory can also be dumped using MIDI sysex messages for sharing or backup.

To see all of the things Quicksilver 303 CPU has to offer, please check out the User Guide in our Support Section.